What To Do If You Know Your Company Is Involved In Fraud

If you are an employee at a company where you have witnessed blatant fraudulent activity, you will need to decide if you want to turn in your employer in order to stop the company from committing this act. It is a risky spot to be in, but you will be making sure the law is the one that handles the result. You will feel good knowing you are not allowing the company to continue to steal. Here are some tips for you to use when deciding to turn in your company for fraud.

Hire A Whistleblower Attorney

You will definitely need to be represented by an attorney should you decide to go ahead and bring the fraudulent activity to the public eye. You may risk being fired and ridiculed, so you will want to have a lawyer available to make sure you are kept safe and that you will not become unemployed. You will need to show proof that your company is involved in wrongdoing and you may be needed to answer investigative questioning. The case will most likely go to court, so you will need to be available to speak against your company.

Know The Risks

There are risks involved when turning in a company. You will be known as a snitch or a whistleblower and some people within the corporation may make life rather difficult during the investigation. You may want to consider leaving the company if you are going to turn them in for fraud. 

Your safety will be at risk if there are several people involved in the illegal acts, and they may make working at the company extremely hard for you. If the case turns out that you are incorrect, you will most likely be let go from the company. You need to address your working situation before making a claim.

Have Paperwork As Proof

You will need to obtain as much physical evidence as possible in order to prove that your company is involved in an illegal scheme. If you have access to private records, you will need to secretly photocopy them in order to prove where the money is being allocated. You will need to keep notes about the behaviors within the company and if you know of other people who may help you make your case, you should recruit them to turn in the company with you. 

The Benefits

You would receive the benefit in knowing you have done the right thing in turning in a company who is definitely committing an illegal act, knowingly. There is often compensation benefits given to whistleblowers after the case has been closed. This is a reward for bringing the act to the attention of others. It is often a large sum, making the benefits favorable if you can convince the judge that your company is in the wrong. Contact professionals, such as those with Whistleblower Justice Network, Inc., for further assistance.

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