Medical Malpractice Lawyers For A Misdiagnosed Heart Attack In The ER

If you went to the hospital because you were having chest pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms that can imply a heart attack, but you were sent home and then needed emergency care, call a medical malpractice lawyer. Unfortunately, many people are sent home with a misdiagnosis and then something terrible happens. If you almost died or needed emergency surgery, the lawyer can help you fight.

There is a lot of information you want to gather before you meet with your lawyer for the first time, so you have enough evidence for the case. Gather these things so you are prepared to meet with your lawyer, like one from Hazelton Law Group.

Discharge Paperwork

Do you still have the discharge paperwork that you were given when they let you walk out of the emergency room, even though you were in the middle of having a heart attack? If you don't, you can call the emergency facility and you can get a printed statement that details why you were there, and how you were treated.

Your lawyer will want to see what different tests the staff did, or what tests they didn't do that could have diagnosed your heart attack. The more information from that day, the better.

Previous Medical Information

Did you go to your family doctor in the past with similar complaints and they didn't take your symptoms seriously? Were you at your family doctor within a few days of your trip to the emergency room? If so, the emergency facility staff may not be the only ones that were negligent, but your primary care provider may have also been at fault. You may end up having not one, but two different malpractice suits to deal with.

Financial Documents

Gather all of the expenses that you now have because of the heart attack, including everything from the ambulance ride to the hospital, to the medication you have to take. All of these documents should be easy to get from the medical providers. This gives your lawyer an idea of how much money you need to get back for the bills, plus money for suffering.

If your heart attack should have been caught and stopped by the medical staff while you were at the emergency room, and you now have long term problems and a lot of medical bills, you need to talk with a lawyer right away. The sooner you talk to a lawyer, the more information you can gather.

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