How A Family Lawyer Can Help You With These 3 Types Of Restraining Orders

One of the most important services a family lawyer can provide is assistance regarding a restraining order. If you fear for the safety of yourself or your loved ones, a family lawyer can help you determine which kind of restraining order is most appropriate for your situation. The following is a brief overview of some of the different types of restraining orders and circumstances that each can help remedy.

For Domestic Violence

Domestic violence restraining orders are intended for those individuals with domicile relations. Typically, these are reserved for the husband or wife of an abusive partner. Once signed by a judge, a domestic violence restraining order carries significant penalties if violated, including hefty fines in the neighborhood of $5000, and even jail time.

If the erratic or violent behavior or an ex-lover or spouse has you concerned, it's always best to contact an experienced family law attorney. They can assist in filing all the paperwork necessary to impose a restraining order against the aforementioned.

Elder Abuse Restraining Order

As the title implies, this kind of restraining order is intended for elderly individuals. While physical violence can certainly plague the elderly just as it does younger individuals, elder abuse restraining orders are most often necessary when an older individual has been taken advantage of.

More specifically, the individual being taken advantage of generally exhibits some type of mental or physical disability that makes them vulnerable to disingenuous or unscrupulous family members or care givers.

At the same time, elder restraining orders might also be necessary when dependent individuals experience neglect, or are deprived of their basic living necessities. If you are over 65 years old, or between the ages of 18-64 and live with a physical or mental impairment, a family attorney can help protect you by initiating the process to obtain an elder abuse restraining order.

Workplace Restraining Order

Family lawyers also have experience helping people with work related restraining orders, for the colleague who just won't take 'no' for an answer, or a boss whose inappropriate or violent demands threaten your employment, or more importantly, your safety. Although workplace restraining orders do not generally involve family, many of the same criteria apply, and family attorneys are well versed in not only establishing orders, but also ensuring they're enforced in the event of future violations.

Enlisting the assistance of a family attorney can be invaluable when seeking a restraining order. Not only will doing so ensure you have the most appropriate restraint for your situation, but also that any violations of the restraining order are met with swift and severe penalties. To learn more, contact a company like Tracy McMurtrie Luck & Associates.

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