3 Types Of Felony Crimes

While everyone knows that there are consequences for their actions, that doesn't stop people from doing something they are going to regret later on down the line. If you do something illegal that is a criminal offense beyond a misdemeanor, this is called a felony.  The three types of felony crimes include property, traffic, and violent crimes.

Property crimes.

The destruction of property, depending upon the significance, could very well be a felony charge in the criminal system.  Property crimes that are borderline felony charges could include things like spray painting racial slurs and other violent words on a property.  Threats that are written on or around a property, as well as breaking windows or other outrageous things done to a property, are considered property crimes and could be felonies. You should avoid causing any type of damage or destruction to a piece of property that isn't your own.

Traffic crimes.

Traffic crimes that are considered felonies could be zooming through red lights while being chased and running from the police. Hit-and-run accidents, for example, will also fall into this category. Felony traffic crimes usually take place in the street and harm others. Evading law enforcement officers in a moving vehicle is constituted as a traffic crime as well as several other charges. You could find yourself facing multiple charges for trying to outrun the law and committing traffic crimes in the process.

Violent crimes.

Any violent crimes such as rape, murder, or anything border lining these kinds of crimes are considered felonies.  If the person is mentally ill, sometimes, these cases are viewed differently even though they are still considered a violent crime.  The outcome of the trial may be different based on the person's mental capacity and the severity of the act. However, if you purposely caused another person injury, you could find yourself in trouble with the law and facing penalties, jail time and restraining orders. There is also the chance that you could be listed on the sex offender website if the act was committed against a minor.

If you have done something that is a criminal offense, you should talk to a criminal law attorney about your actions so you know what kind of issues you are facing and charges you are facing.  It is essential to contact someone as soon as the issue occurs so you are aware of your rights and how you should proceed.

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