Answering Two Common Questions About DUI Charges

Having the unfortunate luck of being charged with a criminal offense can be a highly stressful experience to go through. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to be unsure of their rights or what to expect from this type of problem. For those that are finding themselves facing a charge of driving under the influence, it might be worthwhile to learn the answers to a couple of common questions about these charges.

What Can Happen If You Are Found Guilty Of Your DUI Charge?

While DUI's are fairly common criminal charges, there are some individuals that may severely underestimate the ramifications of being convicted of the charge. In addition to the loss of your ability to drive, the courts can also impose jail time and expensive fines on you. Additionally, the court can also mandate that you undergo drug addiction counseling to help you be better prepared to avoid driving while intoxicated in the future.

In addition to these repercussions, it is also possible for you to experience a sudden and dramatic increase in your automotive insurance costs. This stems from the fact that most insurance companies will consider you to be extremely risky to insure after this arrest. Furthermore, the courts can also mandate that you start to carry an SR-22 insurance policy, which is substantially more than traditional policies.

What If You Do Not Think That You Can Afford A Defense Attorney?

In order to avoid the worst of these outcomes, you will want to make sure that you are represented by an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, you might be under the impression that you will be unable to afford these services. When this is the case, it may be possible to have the courts appoint you a public defender. In order to receive this type of representation, you will have to provide proof that your income, debts and other financial factors inhibit you from being able to hire your own attorney.

While a public defender can be an excellent last resort option, you should be aware that these professionals are often overworked and have limited time to meet with their clients. As a result, you may want to seek the services of a private attorney. Fortunately, there are many attorneys that will work with clients that have financial limitations. Often, this is done through a payment plan that will allow the defendant to break up the cost of their representation into more manageable payment amounts. Check out a law office like Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices to talk to a lawyer.

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