The Nightmare Before Halloween: Related Personal Injuries and What to Do Next Legally

Halloween is supposed to be fun, but far too many adults get carried away with drinking and partying. When that happens, tempers flare and accidents occur. Still, you should not be the victim of a bad Halloween prank, a fight, or a drunken accident. Here are just a few examples to show what can happen on Halloween and what you should do next if you are a victim and survive your own nightmare before (or on!) Halloween.

Bad Tricks

Halloween may be a time for tricks and pranks, but sometimes those pranks can go very wrong. When you slip and fall or are tripped up by invisible wires and are seriously injured (for example, concussions from hitting your head on cement rather than a scraped palm) your Halloween night becomes a fright. Even if the prank was initiated by a friend or familiar person, you may still need to sue for payment of your emergency medical care.

Too Many "Treats"

While children may eat too much candy and get sick, adults tend to consume too many adult beverages. These adult "treats" then catapult people into behaving inappropriately, irrationally, and violently. If someone drinks too much and hits you, breaking your nose or causing internal bleeding, you may need to seek damages from that person too.

Additionally, you may want to sue the bartenders and the establishment where you were celebrating, since they clearly did not cut this person off before they punched or injured you. If a drunk driver is the reason you are spending time in a hospital on Halloween, that is a good candidate for a personal-injury lawsuit that needs the attention of a personal-injury attorney right away. (Just make sure you were not equally intoxicated and driving!)

Too Many Vengeful Spirits

There is something about being in costume that causes people to feel as though they have complete anonymity and can do anything. That said, many crimes are committed at this time of year because everyone is wandering around in costume, and it can be a lost cause to find the offender. If you are the victim of one of these "vengeful spirits" on Halloween, you can at least get any medical attention you need and report the crime to the police. These crimes often range from egging and scratching your car to physical beatings and attempted homicide. If the police finally do catch the person(s) responsible, your personal-injury attorney can begin your lawsuit with the documents and police reports in hand.

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