2 Ways That A Lawyer Can Assist You After A Dog Bite Incident

Finding out that your dog has ended up biting someone is a jarring experience, mostly because it can cause you to start worrying about someone coming in taking your dog to euthanize him or her or being sued for a large sum of money due to the injuries caused by the dog bite. Listed below are  two ways that a lawyer can assist you after a dog bite incident.

Attempt To Prove That The Bitten Person Was Negligent

One of the first ways in which a lawyer will try to assist you after a dog bite incident is to attempt to prove or discover that the bitten person was actually responsible for the dog bite due to his or her own negligence. For example, if your lawyer can prove that the person who was bitten actually approached your dog despite multiple warning signs that he or she should have stayed away, then there is a good chance your attorney can have the dog bite case dismissed and protect your dog from being euthanized. Examples of negligence on the part of the bitten person that could have led to the dog bite can include approaching your dog despite you warning the person to leave the dog alone or trespassing on your property and approaching your dog that was leashed within your yard.

Attempt To Prove That Your Dog Was Responding To Provocation

Another tactic that a personal injury attorney may take in order to protect you and your dog in the event of a dog bite incident is to try to prove that your dog was simply responding to provocation. Now, provocation can take many forms, such as your dog being tormented or hurt by the individual that ended up being bitten.

In addition, a dog being cornered, startled, or acting in defense of his or her owner can all often be used as reasons for a dog biting someone due to being provoked. If your attorney can prove that provocation was the cause for the bite, then it is very possible that your attorney may be able to avoid having your dog euthanized or classified as a bite risk. 

Make an appointment with a personal injury lawyer like Risley Law Firm, P.C. in order to discuss what he or she can do to help protect both you and your dog after a dog bite incident and to discuss the strength of your case. A personal injury lawyer can assist you after dog bite incident by attempting to prove that the person who was bitten was actually negligent or that your dog was responding to provocation.

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