When Money Is Short: Understanding How Your Social Security Attorney Gets Paid

If your Social Security case has met with a denial, you are very likely in some bad financial straits. Being unable to work because of a medical condition can mean that you no longer have money to pay your bills, and in most cases you have had to wait for months just to hear about your denial. It's important you don't just give up at this point; you deserve your benefits and there is a way for you to get the help you need to get them. Read on to learn more about getting financial assistance for professional legal help.

Your Back Pay is Coming

From the very first day that you were not able to work at your job, your Social Security back pay is accruing. With the exception of a mandatory 5-month waiting period, you begin to be entitled to benefits at the time of your disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) understands that applying for Social Security and the appeal process can be lengthy, so they have created a way for people to get the funds they deserve. These funds are referred to as back pay, and once your claim is finally approved you will be eligible for a lump sum payment of all of your back pay.

For example, if you became unable to work at your job on June 1, 2017 and your benefits were approved on December 1, 2018, you are eligible for 13 months of back pay. 18 months have passed since you were last able to work, so you have 13 months of back pay coming after deducting the 5-month waiting period.

Putting Your Back Pay to Good Use

While you may not actually have the money yet, your Social Security attorney will take your case based on the potential for you get paid that money. If it looks like you have a good case and will be awarded back pay once your claim is approved, you and the attorney will enter into a contract that is referred to as a contingency fee agreement. Since having an attorney to represent you at your appeal hearing is so important, the contingency fee plan allows applicants to have that help and not pay any money upfront.

Contingency Fee Fairness

The SSA strictly regulates this type of fee agreement, and they must approve of any plan beforehand. If they approve the plan and you win at your appeal, your attorney will be paid a certain percentage of your back pay before the remainder is paid to you. You may negotiate with your attorney for a better deal, but in no case may their compensation exceed 25% or $6,000 of your back pay.

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