Long-Term Financial Needs Of An Amputee

Life after amputating a limb is likely to be more expensive than life before the amputation. This is why, if one of your limbs has been amputated after an accident, you need to factor in your long-term financial needs in your damages. Here are some of the specific post-amputation costs to include.

Rehabilitation Costs

If you have been using both limbs all your life, it can be terribly unnerving to have to make do without one after an amputation. This will be the case whether you have a prosthetic because even the best prosthetic cannot replace a natural limb. In most cases, you will have to retrain yourself to function or carry out your normal duties sans one limb. For example, you may need some training to learn to wash dishes with one hand or drive with one leg.

Domestic Help Costs

Rehabilitation takes time, and in some cases, you may not even return to your pre-injury efficiency. In the meantime, you still need to live your life and may need to hire domestic workers to help you run your home. Of course, these workers will need to be paid their dues too.

Phantom Pain Management

Phantom pain is the phenomenon where an amputee feels pain in the limb that is no longer there. The exact cause of phantom pain is not known, but one theory goes that it is the confusion caused by the brain when it senses that something is amiss but can't exactly figure it out. Whatever the cause of your phantom pain, you need help to deal with it, and the person responsible for your injury should provide the help.

Prosthetics Costs

This is one of the first expenses that come to mind when people discuss damages for accident victims whose limbs have been amputated. Therefore, you are not likely to get serious resistance from the liable party concerning prosthetic costs. However, you still need to be careful because they may seriously underestimate the cost of these devices. Don't forget that, like many things in life, the best prosthetics don't come cheap.

Psychological Treatment

Lastly, you may also have to spend some money on psychological treatment. As has already been explained, losing a limb is a traumatic event. Coupled with the horror you experienced in the accident, you can end up in emotional and psychological distress after your amputation. In such a case, serious therapy and counseling may be needed to get you back on track.

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