Colliding With A Truck Driver & Getting Injured

Some of the most severe types of automobile accidents are the ones that involve freightliner trucks and small cars colliding with each other. Truck drivers are usually professional when it comes to handling such large vehicles, but they also pose the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. The reason why is because truck drivers are often required to regularly travel over a long distance to deliver or receive cargo. If you are an accident victim of a collision that involved the driver of a freightliner falling asleep behind the wheel, you might be able to obtain a substantial amount of money by filing a lawsuit. The content below will give you an idea of how a lawsuit against a truck driver might go if a lawyer is hired.

The Cause of the Accident Will Be Investigated

Thoroughly investigated the auto accident is something that a lawyer, like those at St Martin & Bourque LLC, will want to do. Even you are able to hand him or her an accident report that was written in your favor, the investigation is important. The investigation will basically allow the lawyer to eliminate the truck driver's ability to blame the collision on you. If the other party attempts to contest the accident report, the lawyer will have evidence to prove him or her wrong. Keep in mind that most lawyers are not willing to accept a personal injury lawsuit unless they believe their client isn't liable.

An Assessment of Your Injuries Will Be Done

Your injuries will be assessed because they play a large role in your compensation amount. Another reason for the assessment is so the lawyer will know if you need to receive compensation on a long-term basis. For instance, he or she will likely talk to your physician to find out if your injuries will need to be treated for many years to come. He or she will also find out how the injuries will affect your ability to work. Be prepared to allow your lawyer to obtain your medical records, which will involve signing a medical release form that grants permission.

The Employer of the Driver Will Be Investigated

You might think that suing the truck driver is the only way to receive compensation, but his or employer might also be liable. Your lawyer will basically conduct an investigation to find out if the truck driver was legally granted the job position. If he or she doesn't have a CDL, the employer can be included in your lawsuit.

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