Beamed On The Head While Installing A Product At Work? How To Pursue Your Injury Claim

Sometimes there are injuries that overlap those gray areas between types of injury cases. Being injured at work is usually a worker's comp case, especially if you were refused your worker's compensation benefits. Being injured by a product is typically a product liability case.

Yet, what happens when you are at work and you have been injured by a new product/machine that the boss instructed you to install? How on earth do you begin to address a case like that? Well, once you hire a worker's compensation/product liability attorney, the process goes something like this.

First, File Your Worker's Compensation Paperwork

Go to your boss and file a worker's compensation claim. You were legitimately injured at work and you should get your benefits. Then see a doctor as soon as you are able, IF your boss does not excuse you from work to immediately go see a doctor. Do not trouble yourself with a lawyer for worker's compensation just yet; your claim may be accepted, and then it would not make a difference to hire a lawyer. (Only when your worker's comp claim is denied should you concern yourself with hiring a lawyer.)

Next, File a Lawsuit Against the Company That Made the Machine That Caused Your Injuries

Installing any sort of equipment at work, when it is not part of your job description, can and often does result in injuries. When the machine itself is dangerous and clearly not functioning as it should, then you have a product liability case on your hands. You should hire the lawyer who provides product liability attorney services. Make sure he/she has a complete report of the incident, as well as the doctor's treatment file of your injuries. Then your lawyer can file all of that with the necessary court paperwork to get your case started.

You May Have Two Separate but Related Cases Going at the Same Time

In the event that your worker's comp claim is denied, you may have one or two lawyers on retainer to address two separate but related injury cases. It is always a good idea to hire a lawyer that can manage both of your cases for you, but if that is not possible where you reside, you will have to hire another lawyer. The outcomes of your cases are that you could win both, win one and have to appeal the other, or win neither and have to appeal them both. The ultimate decisions in both your cases could also be the same outcomes as the initial rulings, so be prepared for that

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