Times That You Should Live With Your Spouse During Divorce Proceedings

For many couples, as soon as the talk of divorce begins, it's time to find separate living arrangements. This can definitely be a good idea, but it's not something that you absolutely need to do once you and your spouse start making plans to divorce. In many scenarios, continuing to live together can be a good idea — as long as it works for both of you. Discuss this idea with your spouse and evaluate the pros and cons. You may even wish to consult with your respective attorneys, and then decide what scenario will suit you best. Here are some times that it's a good idea to continue to live together.

You're Divorcing Amicably

If you and your spouse are approaching your divorce in an amicable fashion, there's really no need to hurry and find your own living arrangements. Divorcing couples often wish to get apart from one another because of conflicts, but if you're doing OK around your spouse and he or she feels the same way, continuing to live together — even if you elect to set up separate bedrooms — can work well. In fact, given that you may feel that a lot of pressure has lifted off your shoulders by deciding that divorce is best, you could actually enjoy this period of time together.

You're Waiting To Tell Your Children

Divorce with children can be a delicate situation, and many couples who choose to get divorced don't immediately tell their kids. This news is typically difficult for children to take, and timing can be either good or bad. For example, if you've decided to divorce and it's a week before your child's birthday, you might not want to share the news just yet. Or, if you have high school students who are about to write their SATs, continuing to live together until the tests are over may be in your children's best interest.

Your Funds Are Limited

There's obviously a cost to the divorce process, and this may cause stress if you're a couple with limited financial resources. Having one partner keep your house or apartment for the meantime and the other find a new place to live will waste a lot of money. Until the divorce is finalized and you can sell the house, it's possible that the spouse who is relocating may spend thousands of dollars on temporary accommodation. A couple with limited financial resources can often benefit from continuing to live together as a way to save money.

Speak with a family law attorney to learn more.

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