What If You Change Your Mind About Getting Divorced?

A few weeks ago, you were certain that your marriage was over and that divorce was the only way forward. But then something happened to reignite your passion, and you've changed your mind. You want to stay together. What do you do to stop and reverse the divorce process? Start by taking these steps.

1. Talk to a therapist.

The decision to divorce is a big one, and the decision to stay with someone who you previously planned on divorcing is an even bigger one. You really need to make sure you are making this decision for the right reasons and that you won't regret it in a month or two. Talk to a therapist to help get a handle on your feelings and ensure you're taking a healthy approach to your relationship. If abuse was a factor in your relationship, this is of the utmost importance. Many people who choose to stay in an abusive relationship do so to their own detriment -- even if their goals are noble. 

2. Tell your lawyer.

Once you've determined that you're staying in your relationship for healthy reasons, it is time to tell your divorce attorney. Do not be embarrassed -- you won't be the first person to change your mind about divorce. Expect to pay your lawyer for the services they have offered up until that point. Most attorneys won't bill you for scheduled services, like court dates, that now end up being canceled. Your lawyer can contact the courts and other involved parties to cancel appointments and reverse any paperwork that has been filed. Contact an office like Law Offices of Jamie L. Hazlett & Associates for more help.

3. Take some time to yourselves.

Now that you are back together with your spouse, you will want to spend some time alone together discussing how you will proceed with your relationship. Have a date night in which you focus only on how to go forward. Then, make regular date nights part of your routine. This will help keep your relationship strong so you don't head towards divorce again.

4. Tell close friends and family members.

You do not need to immediately tell everyone you know that you've decided to stay together. But it is kind and respectful to tell your close friends and immediate family members so they know what to expect when they start seeing you together again. Others will find out as time goes on, and you can give them as little or as much explanation as feels right at the time. 

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