Being Asked To Take A Lie Detector Test? Why You Should Decline The Offer

Have you been accused of a crime, and now the attorney for the prosecution has requested that you take a lie detector test, also known as the polygraph test? If so, you might be wondering if you should go through with it or not. The test has the potential to go either way by proving your innocence or giving a false report to your truthfulness. Here are some reasons to decline the lie detector test.

You Anxiety Will Be Gauged

A lie detector test works by taking measurements of how your body changes as give your answers to questions. It is very possible that you'll feel anxious, nervous, or fearful when taking the test, which can throw off the results. For example, your heart rate may increase, your blood pressure will become elevated, and your breathing will get faster.

When these reactions are viewed by the prosecution, these reactions may be viewed as you being deceptive when taking the lie detector test. The whole process can be quite anxiety-inducing, especially when your innocence is on the line.

A guilty person that has committed the crime they are being accused of may have a history of lying like it's no big deal, causing them to pass a lie detector test. Meanwhile, an innocent person with everything to lose may react to it in a negative way. It's a real problem that results in the test giving false results and why you should decline the offer to take the lie detector test.

Your Guard Will Be Down Afterward

If you decide to take the lie detector test, it can produce a feeling of relief once it is over. If you feel you did well, you may feel as if your innocence has been proven and you'll be given a not-guilty verdict as a result. That can cause people to let their guard down when it comes to being asked additional questions by the prosecution. The information you voluntarily give can affect you in a negative or positive way, and when a machine is determining if what you say is true, you lose a lot of control.

Your best defense when being accused of a crime is to hire a local criminal defense lawyer. They will be able to consult you throughout the entire process and make sure that you do not make mistakes along the way that can hurt your case in the end.

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