Marrying Someone From Another Country: What's Involved?

Love is not bound by country lines. If you've found love in another country, there is no reason you should feel like your relationship cannot progress to marriage. However, if your plans for marriage involve residing with your spouse in the United States, contrary to what you might believe, they do not automatically become a United States citizen when you get married. Instead, there is a lengthy and involved process that you should understand accompanies this decision. 

Country of Origin

One thing that some people are often surprised to discover is that the country of origin of the person that they have chosen to marry can have a significant impact on the process they experience. Currently, the United States has an immigration ban in place for people that reside in certain countries or regions. 

If the person you marry happens to have citizenship in one of these countries or currently resides in one of these areas, it's important to understand that it can take years for you to obtain a provision for the person to come to the country.

Visa Application

Once you determine that your spouse will be eligible to come to the United States, you will need to complete a visa application. In short, a visa is somewhat of a pass that provides permission for the person to come to the United States and stay for a predetermined amount of time. 

In terms of marriage, the period is typically 90 days. Provided you two are married during this period, you can then begin the process of establishing your new spouse as a permanent resident. However, if you do not marry within this period, the visa is canceled, your fiancé must return to their country, and you must submit a new visa application. 

Affidavit of Support

The United States has strict guidelines in place when it comes to immigration and financial stability. The government wants to be sure that any person that comes to the country has the ability to be self-sufficient. Since you are sponsoring your partner to enter the country, you have to prove that you have the means to support him or her until they can obtain gainful employment.

As part of the process, you will be required to complete this application and list specific details about your earnings and any assets you have, as well as any assets your fiancé has. 

If you want to marry someone from another country, it's best to speak with an immigration attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will assess your specific situation and help you move forward. 

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