Questions Parents May Have About Special Education Disputes

Parents will often make great sacrifices to ensure that their child is able to get the quality of education that they need to succeed in the world. Unfortunately, parents with children that have special education needs can find that this may be more complicated.

Why Would A Parent Need To Hire A Special Education Lawyer?

It is a legal requirement for schools to attempt to accommodate children with special education needs. Unfortunately, there are some school administrators that may fail to understand the rights of special education children, and this can lead to them violating the rights of these children. If you are finding that the school is refusing to make reasonable accommodations for your child's needs, hiring an attorney to pursue the matter may be the only option for compelling the school to change its policy and respect your child's rights.

Will The School Be Able To Retaliate Against Your Child If You Take Legal Action?

Parents may be hesitant about pursuing a legal case against a school due to concerns about the school retaliating against their child as a result of pursuing the case. If this were to occur, you would be able to take aggressive action against the school, which may result in monetary compensation for your family. While it is unlikely that the school administrators will seek retribution against your child, you will have legal protection if this occurs.

Will Pursuing The Matter In Court Be Disruptive To Your Child's Education?

Another concern that parents may have is about the disruption that pursuing the legal case will have on their child's education. While it is easy to assume that one of these cases will be extremely disruptive to your child's schooling, this is not actually the case. In reality, one of these cases can help your child by ensuring that they are getting the support and accommodations that they need to succeed despite their special needs or handicaps. Furthermore, the courts will typically recognize that these disputes can be time-sensitive, which may allow for them to be resolved more quickly than other types of civil action. In fact, it may be possible for a ruling to be issued in one of these cases in a matter of weeks. This can allow for your child's rights to be protected while minimizing any disruptions that they may experience as a result of the legal proceedings that may have to occur to resolve the dispute.

To learn more, contact a special education lawyer in your area.

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