Hiring a Lawyer to Help Resolve Real Estate Disputes and Handle Property Related Issues

Real estate law firms have many different responsibilities, and some of those include dealing with legal disputes that affect a piece of property. If you are involved in a dispute with a neighboring property owner that involves the real estate, working with a real estate law firm could help you resolve the matter quickly and fairly.

Claims Against Property

One of the most common reasons to get a real estate law firm involved in property disputes is when a claim is made against your property. If you have someone claiming to own land that is yours, you may have to go to court to settle the matter, and doing that alone is never a good idea. 

A real estate lawyer knows the ins and outs of real estate law and can help you decide how to proceed if you are involved in a dispute like this. They may recommend having a new survey done on the property to establish the boundaries. They will be able to file injunctions to stop any use of the property until the matter is settled. 

Court orders like this can take time to get in place, but the process is often faster if you are working with a real estate law firm than if you try and fight the claim yourself. If a suit is brought against you because of a property claim, your real estate lawyer can counter sue with your position on the claim, but be prepared because suits like this can take a long time to settle. 

Buying and Selling

When you are buying or selling real estate, many legal documents need preparation that outlines the sale terms. Your real estate law firm can advise you about what documents need to be created for the transaction and know how to do it correctly. 

A property sold with limitations, for instance, may require some particular wording in the contract that spells out the limits clearly. Property use is sometimes written into an agreement to keep a buyer from purchasing land on your property line and developing it into a factory or industrial property that is an annoyance to you or your neighbors. 

Other limitations may involve resale of the property so that once buyer can't purchase the property under your limits and then resell it under entirely different terms to a corporation or another party to get around the legal terms on the property. A real estate law firm will be critical in generating the proper contracts for situations like this and will know how to make the contract iron-clad, so the terms stay in place no matter how many times the property is sold. 

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