Why You Must See A Specialist When Applying For SSDI Benefits For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the common reasons why workers are no longer able to continue working. If you are suffering from back pain, you may be entitled to SSDI benefits. However, to continue to receive these benefits, you will need to keep working with specialists.

The Importance of Working With Specialists

A Social Security disability attorney will not only assist you in obtaining your benefits but will also encourage you to explore all possible treatment avenues so you can have the best possible outcome. You will be less likely to be denied benefits when you can prove that you are trying to get better.

If you ever feel like you want to make a major decision such as not continuing to participate in therapy, you should bring this up with your primary care doctor and your lawyer. A lawyer can give you a sense of what will happen if you make certain decisions with your health and whether you will be able to keep your benefits.

By not continuing to receive treatment, you will not be obtaining objective evidence to show that your medical condition still exists that causes persistent pain and other symptoms. 

There Are Many Treatment Options for Back Pain

Those suffering from back pain might be afraid to take painkillers because they might fear that they will become addicted. However, there are treatments for back pain that can be effective and do not cause addiction. There are also injections and nerve blocks that can be effective against back pain.

What To Do When You Are Denied Benefits

When you are denied benefits, you will still be allowed to file an appeal. In the appeal, you will fill out a form and will also be required to submit documentation that will support your claim for why you are entitled to benefits. If you do not want to attend a hearing in person, make sure to include this in your form.

If you attend the hearing, your Social Security disability attorney can attend the hearing and represent you. At the hearing, the attorney will explain why you are entitled to your benefits despite not participating in certain treatments. 

For example, you might argue that the treatments were making your back pain worse. With solid evidence, you will be able to prove that you were doing everything you could to recover from your back injury so you can return to work.

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