How To Get Justice After Suffering Severe Injuries In A Collision Involving Snowplows

Snowplow drivers work to keep roadways clear from ice and snow during winter. This enables motorists to drive without peril and reduces the likelihood of accidents. Unfortunately, snowplows sometimes collide with other vehicles, and these accidents can leave drivers and their passengers with serious injuries. Road users who suffer harm because of snowplows have a right to seek compensation. Such a collision may be due to the following circumstances.

Common Causes of These Accidents

Snowplow drivers sometimes drive for many hours as they remove snow from the road to prevent hazards. This can lead to fatigue that then affects their driving ability. In addition, operating their vehicles while fatigued typically reduces the driver's reaction time. They may also suffer from reduced awareness or have difficulty controlling their machinery. Regrettably, these issues sometimes lead to crashes that can cause innocent road users to suffer severe bodily harm.

On the other hand, there are instances where snowplow drivers are not responsible for the collisions. For example, poorly maintained roads or faulty snowplow equipment can lead to a collision. Some crashes may also occur because other road users acted recklessly, e.g., driving above the recommended speed limit or overtaking dangerously. Some drivers might also hit structures or parked vehicles. 

Whatever their nature, these accidents can make you suffer serious injuries that might need hospitalization and other expensive medical treatment. If this is the case, the party responsible for the crash should pay for your medical expenses. To this end, you can decide to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you identify the offender and hold them responsible.

Measures You Should Take After the Collision

Start by informing emergency service providers about the crash so that they can dispatch rescuers and police to the scene. It is advisable to get a medical examination at the scene so that you don't aggravate any injuries by moving. Emergency medical care also lets you know what injuries you've suffered and whether you need to visit the hospital for further examination. After safeguarding your well-being, take photos and videos of your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, the surrounding area, and debris. Looking for witnesses and requesting them to record a statement is also wise.

The police may question you to get your version of what happened. It is advisable to contact your lawyer before answering any questions so they can advise on what to say to avoid incriminating yourself. Legal advice is also necessary before you speak to the insurance company so that you are not manipulated or your words twisted.

A collision with a snowplow can lead to severe property damage and injuries. If this happens, a personal injury law attorney can represent you in the legal process to help you to get justice.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer for more information.

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