5 Rude Things Neighbors Do — And When To Contact A Lawyer

Neighbors can be annoying sometimes. Overgrown lawns, messy garages, and loud music are all common issues that can arise in close proximity. But some neighbors take it too far with rude behavior that can be hard to ignore. Below is a list of five obnoxious things neighbors do, plus tips on when you should contact a lawyer or an attorney at law for guidance.

1) Invading Your Property

Your yard belongs to you, not your neighbors. Neighbors have the right to use their own property in whatever ways they want, but they don't have the right to trespass onto your property without permission. If a neighbor is frequently stepping over property boundaries, even after you've asked them to stop, it could be considered an invasion of privacy. In this situation, you should consult with a lawyer or attorney at law for advice on how to proceed.

2) Creating Excessive Noise

Loud music, barking dogs, and noisy power equipment are all examples of noise pollution that can be extremely disruptive. Sometimes neighbors don't realize how loud they are being and stop after you point out the noise. Other times, not even a visit from the local police department is enough to permanently resolve the problem. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to contact a lawyer for assistance.

3) Obstructing Your View

If your neighbor has erected a fence, wall, or other structure that is blocking your view of the street or neighboring property, it can be highly irritating. It may also be illegal. In some cases, municipalities have rules and regulations in place that limit how high a neighbor can build structures like this. If the obstruction appears to violate local ordinances, it's time to speak to an attorney at law.

4) Harassing You or Your Family

You have the legal right to live in a safe, harassment-free environment. If your neighbor is making verbal threats or engaging in a pattern of behavior that makes you or your family feel unsafe, it's time to take action. You may need an attorney at law to file for a restraining order.

5) Interfering With Your Utilities

If your neighbor is interfering with utilities such as electricity, gas, or water that you rely on, it's a serious issue that may require legal action. In some cases, the interference may be intentional, such as tampering with a shared utility line or stealing your WiFi. In other cases, it could be an error, and your neighbor may leave your utilities alone when you point out the issue.

Don't let bad neighbors drive you away from your home. Reach out to an attorney at law if problems persist.  

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