Fascinating Legal Problems

Delaware DUI Penalties To Consider

If you are currently confronted with a DUI charge, then you probably want to know everything that you can about your options and what might happen. However, DUI laws aren’t the same in every state, so you will need to narrow your search down to the laws in your specific state. To help you out […]

Was Your Firing Unfair?

If you have been fired, chances are you feel horrible about it. With very few exceptions, a firing is a humiliating and often financially devastating experience. If you feel your firing was unfair, the experience is even worse. If you feel your termination was not proper, you may be able to file a legal action against […]

Four Things To Consider If You Are Helping Your Adult Child Apply For Disability Payments Based On An Intellectual Disability

If you have been supporting an adult child with an intellectual disability, you may be worrying about what will happen to them when you are no longer able to take care of them. If your child is not currently receiving disability checks from the Social Security Administration, you should think about helping him or her […]

3 Types Of Felony Crimes

While everyone knows that there are consequences for their actions, that doesn’t stop people from doing something they are going to regret later on down the line. If you do something illegal that is a criminal offense beyond a misdemeanor, this is called a felony.  The three types of felony crimes include property, traffic, and […]

You Actually Can Discharge Your Student Loan Debt

Many believe that it is not possible to discharge student loan debt. However, this is not entirely true. Student loan debt discharging is not automatic, but you can have your student loan debt discharged if it causes undue hardship. You will need to file an advisory proceeding to seek a discharge. Then, whether or not […]