Fascinating Legal Problems

Don’t Allow Red Tape to Wrap Up Your New Baby

No matter where you actually carry out the adoption of a baby, you can look forward to a lot of paperwork. If you are looking to adopt a child from outside of the United States, however, the paperwork requirements can seem to ramp up quite a bit. Every country will have its own standards of […]

Pharmaceuticals Really Do Need Business Law Advice

“Big pharma” is big business these days. The companies and individuals that study, manufacture, distribute, and sell much needed drugs deserve their profits. Yet, many involved in this industry fail to think of themselves as businesses. Instead, various pharmacists, physicians, scientists, researchers, and others believe they are immune from common legal problems that plague other […]

Immigration And Marriage: Your Questions Answered

Falling in love with and marrying a US citizen doesn’t automatically make you a naturalized citizen, but it does put you on that path if you so choose. There are several steps in the process and it will take several years to complete. The following can help answer your questions about the naturalization process. Will […]

Handling A DUI Arrest As A Passenger

Many people assume that they are safe from DUI-related charges as soon as they slide into the passenger seat of a car, but in many states, you don’t need to be driving to face legal consequences. Although an actual DUI charge typically requires you to have been in control of the vehicle at the time, […]

Exploring Different Types of Birth Injuries

According to Birth Injury Guide, about 7 out of every 1,000 births in the United States each year result in birth injury. That equates to about 28,000 birth injuries each year, or about 1 out of 9,714 each year. Birth injuries are those that occur during the labor-and-delivery process. Some birth injuries can be prevented […]

Answering Two Common Questions About DUI Charges

Having the unfortunate luck of being charged with a criminal offense can be a highly stressful experience to go through. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to be unsure of their rights or what to expect from this type of problem. For those that are finding themselves facing a charge of driving under the […]